Terms and condition


1.Accepting terms and condition 

Client agrees and accept the terms and condition by accepting quotation and fee proposal by giving confirmation either way verbally communicate or sending written message.

2. Licensing / consumer guarantees

2.1 All the work and service provided by CHESEC are produced by using latest software that mos popular in using in the service industry. All the software that used by the CHESEC are in valid license and applicable in date.

2.2  CHESEC will not sell client’s project drawings, plans or other information to other third parties or companies for commercial purpose without confirmation and agreement.

2.3 CHESEC does not provide 3d models and resources of the project to client or transferring to third parties due to licence issue of the software and content libraries.

2.4 The CHESEC and client agrees that the work created by CHESEC for client may uploaded on CHESEC’s portfolios on website. Client who does not agrees required to give notification before starting of work on project.

3. Required documentation

3.1 Clients have responsibility to provide all necessary information and documentation and need to be provided to the business before starting of work to ensure to provide result that accomplished according to the client’s requirement. The business will inform required documentation t client.

4. Changing design scope

4.1 Initial quoted amount may changeable depends on the circumstances such as changes in required number of images or requiring additional details and information that did not mention during initial quotation. 

4.2 It is recommended for client to provide documentation that has been approved and finalised design. If client change project scope after beginning of project will incur additional charges depends on required details and number of changes.

5. Revision and fee

5.1 CHESEC dedicated to help client to achieve their goal and ensure to deliver work according to the client requirement. During the revisions process, the business will follow client feedback and changes work during revision stage as we believe that revisions is important stage to achieve result that client looking for.

5.2 Revisions will be counting each time when CHESEC send new updated draft images. Therefore, it is required to client to ensure to provide all the required list of feedback at each time.

5.3 The revisions include moderate changes requirement. The revisions do not include requirement of significant changes. Therefore, additional fee can be applied during revisions process under follow circumstances:

– Significant changes are required which is more than 30% of modelling process such as changes of building structure or main furniture that did not mentioned in initial quotation stage.

– Updating changed design scope that requires significant changes or need to re-update and need to start from beginning.

5.4 Any views that added with texture and details will be charged. If client want to change angle of views which requires additional input or decide not to go with the view after textured draft images are send to the client, the view will be charged percentage of quoted amount .

5.5 If client requires changes after high resolution final image are provided and the changes requires to re-rendering, additional fee amount will be incurred.

6. Timely work

6.1 CHESEC and client will communicate and work together by providing service and receive feedback in timely manner for profit of both parties.

6.2 Client are recommended to provide feedback within 7 days from the date receiving  draft images for review. if client failed to come back within the deadline without giving notification how long it would take, it will incur late payment fee.

6.3 If client results in postponing progress of work and reasonable time has passed, remaining percentage of quoted amount with late payment fee will be required to pay in advance to continue the project.

6.4 If client delaying and remaining in early stage of process although reasonable time as  passed, remaining percentage of quoted amount will be required to pay in advance to continue the project.

6.5 CHESEC ensure to deliver all works in deadlines and complete in proposed time frame.

6.6 However CHESC does not have responsibility of delays in delivering work that caused by client’s deed or client’s delays in providing feedback / information.

7. Payment

7.1 Clients agrees that 50% of deposit is required to begin project. The deposit amount is nonrefundable.

7.2 Large project may also give option to proceed with progressive payment during different stage.

7.3 After client approve final images after revisions stage, final high resolution images with watermark and invoice will be send to client and give notice of completion of work. The payment can be made direct bank transfer or via paypal or credit/debit card upon request.

7.4 The watermark on the images will only be removed upon receiving payment or receipt of payment.

7.5 The watermark will be placed during revisions process for project and even for project that paid in full amount in advance beginning of work.

7.6 If client delaying payment, the client must give notice to CHESEC in advance and the CHESEC may be able to provide changed payment method upon agreement between client and CHESEC with signed on document.

7.7 The final payment delays without giving notice with signed agreement will cause additional late fee charges and the unpaid balance may be send to collective agency. The client is subject to pay al the fee that caused by hiring collection agency such as court cost and the agency’s cost.

7.8 Only deposit or other paid amount under same project will be deducted at final invoice for payment. Any payment made for other project will be not deducted for final payment of other project.

8. Illegal activity

8.1 CHESEC does not take responsibility for receiving any payment that is not required, extra payment or connecting with different bank account which is related to fraud, dishonour or illegal purpose. In such, client is fully responsible to solve and recover the illegal activities. 

9. Cancellation

9.1 In case if client need to cancel due to certain circumstances, the client must provide written confirmation to CHESEC in advance. If work has been done already, certain percentage of quoted amount will be required to pay to the client.

10. Refund

10.1 Deposit payment is not refundable. However, refund may be available for client if client cancel project in advance before starting of work on project. In this case, full deposit amount will be refunded to the client.

10.2 The amount will only be refunded to the account which is under client/company name who provided initial design scope and proceeded the project and has been communicated directly with CHESEC together. CHESEC does not refund to any unknown name/account who has not related with project.

10.3 In such case the third party is allowed to be refunded will be that the client already has been know each other with CHESEC or have already completed several works with CHESEC in the past.